Phishing Protection

SorbSecurity provides anti-phishing solution as part of an all-in-one, or individual subscription service for managing business email and web surfing. The cloud-based platform provides a broad range of solutions for more than Email security, as well as Web security, compliance, e-Discover. As a SaaS-based solution, SorbSecurity requires no hardware or software to be purchased, and companies can avoid capital investment in favor of a predictable monthly subscription cost.

SorbSecurity anti-phishing services include:

1. Zero-day Threat intelligence not found in ANY other phishing product, live and dynamic analysis.
2. Real-Time, Continuous Updates
3. 100% coverage of the current in-play phishing feeds, which we curate to improve their false positives.
4. Predictive analysis to identify suspicious URLs
5. URLs are rewritten to protect users as well as provide real-time checks on every click, verifying and tracking
6. Block page and additional information to be provided to a link is found to be unsafe a user will be presented.