Last updated: Feb 2, 2022

Sorb's Strategy

Email and Web are always the entry of the attacks. Research reveals that 98% of the attacks start from Email and Web. Phishing and Ransomwares are the TOP 1 problems challenge the company security. They are the dynamic and low-costed attacks which can be done using the PoC or Services(Ransomware As A Service and Phishing As A Service).

Sorb Security comes out its own technologies to protect the users from these attacks. Starting from Email entry, where the attacks just simply throw out huge volume to the staff's mailboxes. Sorb Security provides the unique ways to enforce ZERO TRUST from clicking URLs and opening attachments. Apart from Email protection, Sorb Security Cloud Sandbox and Cloud URLProtect are built with the comprehensive API. They could integrate with all other Security Solutions, especially Secure Web Gateway, Firewall, SIEM and Endpoints. It means with Sorb, both Email and Web activities are fully enforced.