Last updated: Apr 21, 2024

Partners for Small and Medium Businesses

Join our SorbSecurity partner program and sell our cloud-based email security solutions for small and medium-sized (SME) enterprises. Sold 100% through partners, SorbSecurity provides best-in-class technology with bundled support and dedicated partner resources.

As a SorbSecurity partner, you'll benefit from competitive monthly pricing plans and packages to suit a variety of customer needs and budgets. SorbSecurity Partner Benefits

Utility Billing: Enjoy Payment Flexibility
Our partner program provides a monthly utility billing option among other commercial options. As your investment in SorbSecurity SpamSavvy grows, so does your profitability.

Profit: Bring more margin home
Our partner program aims to grow the business with our partners. Commercially supporting you by sharing more margin to you.

Multi-Tenant Partner Platform: Manage your Customers through One Interface
Our centralized multi-tenant platform allows Partners to easily manage downstream customers, self-provision new opportunities, upgrade amongst the SorbSecurity Packages and allows for 30-day trials. We also provide our partners with Not-for-Resale licenses so that you can use the service for your own Email Security needs.

Your Brand, Our Technology: Put your own Brand on our Market-Leading Cloud Security Technology
Partners can optionally co-brand or re-brand the SorbSecurity interface. Simply upload your company logo and edit the color scheme from the options provided. In addition, our marketing team will supply branded marketing and sales collateral to help you get started.

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